City Council Meeting Agenda

January 11, 2021 - 5:30 PM

City Hall Council Chambers

The Moorhead City Council welcomes and encourages public input on issues listed on the agenda or of general community interest, time and Council permitting. Speakers are limited to 3-minute presentations. Advertised public hearings are scheduled so that the public is afforded an opportunity to speak. Public hearings are generally scheduled 15 to 30 minutes after the start of the meeting; however the starting time may vary depending on other scheduled agenda items. Citizens wishing to address the Mayor and Council regarding a specific agenda item, other than public hearings, will be afforded an opportunity during the discussion of that item. Citizens wishing to speak on matters not listed on the agenda will be afforded the opportunity to do so under the heading “Citizens Addressing the Council,” usually scheduled at the beginning and end of the agenda. Each person requesting the opportunity to speak is asked to fill out a "Request to Speak Form."

    City Council Meeting

    1. 1. Call to Order and Roll Call

    2. 2. Pledge of Allegiance

    3. 3. Agenda Amendments

    4. 4. Consent Agenda

      All items listed with an asterisk ( * ) are considered to be routine by the City Council and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Council Member so requests, in accordance with the “Council Rules of Procedure”. In such event, the item will be removed from the General Order of Business and considered in its normal sequence on the agenda.

    5. 5. Recognitions - Presentations

      1. A. Clay County Business Relief Program - Derrick LaPoint, President/CEO Downtown Moorhead Inc.

    6. 6. Approve Minutes

    7. 7. Citizens Addressing the Council (Time Reserved: 15 Minutes)

    8. 8. *Mayor and Council Appointments

    Public Hearings (5:45 p.m.)

    1. 9. Public Hearing Regarding the 2021 Community Development Block Grant Annual Action Plan Draft

    2. 10. Consider Actions Relating to 825 46th Avenue S (Parcel 21.029.4201):

      1. A. Public Hearing: Annexation Petition of Storemoor LLP

      2. B. First Reading of Ordinance 2020-14: Annexation of 825 46th Avenue S (Parcel 21.029.4201)

    Economic Development

    1. 11. *Resolution to Approve Publication of the 2021 Notice of Land Availability

    2. 12. *Resolution to Approve 2021 Tax Increment Interfund Loan

    Engineering Department

    1. 13. *Various Actions for the 2021 Final Wearing Course Project (Eng. No. 21-A2-05).

    Community Development Department

    1. 14. *Resolution to Approve Comprehensive Plan Study Review Committee

    Police Department

    1. 15. *Resolution to Accept the Amendment to the Grant for the 2020 Funding for the Lakes to River Drug & Violent Crimes Task Force

    2. 16. *Resolution to Authorize the Funding Contribution of $2,500.00 from the DUI Forfeiture Account to the 7th Judicial District Office for the Clay/Becker Drug Court - Budget Adjustment #21-002

    3. 17. *Consider Actions Relating to Ordinance 2020-15: An Ordinance to Amend and Reenact Section 3-7-1 of 3-7-9 of the Moorhead City Code Relating to Animal Control Definitions and Prohibited Acts and Conditions


    1. 18 Approve Licenses - Permits

    2. 18. Resolution to Consider Partial Refund of On-Sale liquor License Fees

    3. 19. Actions to Request Legislative Authority to Enable a Future Voter Referendum for a Local Option Sales tax to Finance a Regionally Significant Library/Community Center

    4. 20. *Resolution to Affirm 2021 City Council Meeting Dates

    5. 21. *Resolution to Designate the Official Newspaper and Website of the City

    6. 22. *Resolution to Designate Official Depositories, Signers and Authority to make Electronic Funds Transfers


    1. 23. Mayor and Council Reports

    2. 24. City Manager Report

    3. 25. Executive Session (If needed)

      1. A. Resolution to Approve Labor Agreement and Memorandums of Understanding Between the City of Moorhead and Law Enforcement Labor Services, Inc. Local 375 Police Sergeants and Police Lieutenants

    4. 26. New Business

    5. 27. Citizens Addressing the Council (continued, if necessary)

Upon request, accommodations for individuals with disabilities, language barriers, or other needs to allow participation in meetings will be provided. To arrange assistance, call the City Clerk’s office at 218.299.5166 (voice) or 711 (TDD/TTY).