Human Rights Commission Agenda

February 16, 2022 - 5:00 PM

Hjemkomst Center

The Moorhead Human Rights Commission welcomes and encourages public input on issues listed on the agenda or of general community interest, time and Council permitting. Speakers are limited to 3-minute presentations. Citizens wishing to address the Human Rights Commission regarding a specific agenda item will be afforded an opportunity during the discussion of that item. Citizens wishing to speak on matters not listed on the agenda will be afforded the opportunity to do so under the heading "Citizens Addressing the Commission," usually scheduled at the beginning and end of the agenda. Each person requesting the opportunity to speak is asked to fill out a "Request to Speak Form."

  1. 1. Call to order

  2. 3. Roll call

  3. 6. Law Enforcement Update

  4. 7. Guest Speaker - 2021 Human Rights Award Recipient - Rory Beil - Clay County Public Health

  5. 8. Guest Speakers - Mohamed Adan Issack, Biyoole Procurement Specialist, Ministry of Planning, Investment, and Economic Development, Hassan Moalin Yusuf, Chairperson of Centre for Peace and Human Right (CPHR).

  6. 9. Guest Speaker - Page Amendment - Nevada Littlewolf & Liz Johnson

  7. 10. Guest Speaker - Hudda Ibrahim

  8. 12. Election of Officers - Chair and Vice Chair

  9. 13. Subcommittee Reports

  10. 14. Reports/Announcements/Upcoming Events

  11. 15. New business

Upon request, accommodations for individuals with disabilities, language barriers, or other needs to allow participation in meetings will be provided. To arrange assistance, call the City Clerk’s office at 218.299.5166 (voice) or 711 (TDD/TTY).