Open Burning Permit

Complete the application form below. For additional instructions view the Burning Permit Guide. After your application has been submitted you will receive an e-mail notification and will be redirected to the Fire Department Recreational Fires web page for additional information. If you do not get redirected upon completion, review your form for any validation errors.

Permittee Information
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Check this box if the burn site is the same as the listed home address. If not, complete the burn site address in the box below.

Burn location is required.
Burning Permit Conditions
Check those that apply.
Check for piled material. If this does not apply, move to the Special Events section.

Note: Pile must be located a minimum of 25 feet away from any structure. Size of pile must be no larger than 20 'x 20 'x 20' otherwise a variance will be needed from the DNR.

Note: Burning of leaves is not permitted in the City of Moorhead. Residents in the Oakport Subdivision may burn dried leaves between the period of

September 15th and December 1st by first obtaining an Open Burning Permit. Limits and conditions will be enforced.

Burning of grass clippings is prohibited.

If the Piled Material section did not apply, click Special Events and describe your event.

Check this box. Prior to each burn, call Central Dispatch to report your burn.

List the start date of your requested burn permit. Permits are typically valid for 2 months unless special cirucmstances/events.

Enter valid from date.
Fire Safety and Air Quality Requirements


  • To keep this fire under control and to assume responsibility for all damages and costs that may result from burning done under this permit.
  • To attend this fire until completely extinguished.
  • Not to burn if there is a practical alternative method for disposal of the material such as chipping or composting.
  • To use a clean burning device to start the fire.
  • Not to conduct burning during any air quality alert.
  • Not to burn paper or cardboard except as provided under Minnesota Statutes 17.135. To extinguish the fire immediately if this permit is revoked.
  • To have this permit available at the burn site for inspection.
  • That prevailing wind must be less than 10 miles per hour and away from nearby occupied buildings. That fires will not be allowed to smolder without a flame.
PROHIBITED MATERIALS ARE: oils, rubber, plastics, tires and chemically treated materials such as railroad ties, treated lumber, composite shingles, tar paper, insulation, composition board, sheet rock, wiring, paint, hazardous and industrial solid waste. VIOLATIONS OF PERMIT CONDITIONS MAY SUBJECT PERMITTEE TO CRIMINAL AND/OR CIVIL ACTIONS ADMINISTRATIVE PENALTY FEE OF $100.00 FOR BURNING WITHOUT A PERMIT REUSE, RECYCLE, AND COMPOST


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