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Public Records Request Details

Public records are documents or pieces of information that are not considered confidential and generally pertain to the conduct of government.

Many government records and types of information are available directly through the City's website. Frequently requested information includes:

The City Manager has been designated as the City's Responsible Authority for Data Practices requests.

Data Practices Policy - Data Subjects
Data Practices Policy - Members of the Public

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Required Forms

After administration review, you will be required to fill out the Consent to Release Form, and provide the completed form w/a copy of your identification.

Standards for Verifying Identity
The following constitute proof of identity

An adult individual must provide a valid photo ID, such as:
  • a state driver's license
  • a military ID
  • a passport
  • a Minnesota ID
  • a Minnesota tribal ID
A minor individual must provide a valid photo ID, such as:
  • a state driver's license
  • a military ID
  • a passport
  • a Minnesota ID
  • a Minnesota Tribal ID
  • a Minnesota school ID
The parent or guardian of a minor must provide a valid photo ID and either
  • a certified copy of the minor's birth certificate or
  • a certified copy of documents that establish the parent or guardian's relationship to the child, such as
    • a court order relating to divorce, separation, custody, foster care
    • a foster care contract
    • an affidavit of parentage
The legal guardian for an individual must provide a valid photo ID and a certified copy of appropriate documentation of formal or informal appointment as guardian, such as:
  • court order(s)
  • valid power of attorney

Note: Individuals who do not exercise their data practices rights in person must provide either notarized or certified copies of the documents that are required or an affidavit of ID.

Please note, if you are requesting private data on another individual, you will need to obtain that individuals informed consent by having them complete the Informed Consent Form. If you are requesting public data, you do not need the informed consent.

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Required Forms

Informed Consent Form: this form must be completed by the individual you are requesting the information on. If the individual has already completed an informed consent form provided by you, the form must be notarized. Upon initial review, this form will be requested and your request not processed until the form is received.


Type of Information Requested
The information you are requesting may or may not be available to you. After your request is reviewed, you will be notified when the information is available and if any fees will be assessed.

(Please note, the City of Moorhead may charge for some data requests. For more information on costs, please see the appropriate Data Practices Policy at the top of this page and the City of Moorhead Fee Schedule.)